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Mount Shasta - My first attempt 2011

Dan invited me to climb Mount Shasta with him and some friends.  This was something I had always wanted to do so I agreed to join him.

Dan and I arrived in Mt Shasta city on Friday June 17th. We went to the Fifth Season(300 N Mount Shasta Blvd, Mount Shasta, CA 96067) for supplies, ate dinner with his freinds and stayed in town at a Motel.

Saturday June 18:
We got up around 6 and planned to head up to Bunny Flat trailhead ASAP. One of Dan's freinds was feeling ill so we were delayed a while. When we arrived at Bunny Flat trailhead, 6950' the snow was already soft it was also deep! We were postholing after Horse camp, which made the climb up brutal. You could also see wind blowing snow off of the summit and it was quite windy at Helen Lake 10,400'(base camp). We set up the tent and piled up snow to protect it. We melted snow for drinking water and prepared our freeze dried meals.

Helen Lake basecamp 10,400'

Helen Lake basecamp 10,400'

Sunday June 19:
We decided to head back down from base camp in the morning.  We both barely slept. The fierce winds destroyed my three season tent while we were in the process of taking in down.

Only a few brave souls attempted the summit that day, most of the people at base camp headed down before us... The Rangers had to rescue someone that slid down avalanche gulch above us. They took the victim down to 50/50 camp and a Reach helicopter picked them up.

We didn't attempt to summit due to high winds, over 50 MPH at base camp and over 70MPH at Summit.  I was too tired anyway after post holing our way up the day before and not getting any sleep.